EcoSmart MaxMix Automotive Batteries

EcoVolt’s EcoSmart MaxMix batteries combine the latest electrochemical advancements in battery technology with exclusive and patented 360° acid mixing technology to produce the most significant improvement in performance, reliability and life in starting, lighting and ignition batteries in 50 years.

MaxMix is a patented technology built into every EcoSmart battery. MaxMix uses a vehicle’s natural movement to continuously mix the electrolyte inside the battery to eliminate acid stratification.

Acid stratification, also known as acid buildup, happens in every lead acid battery when heavier acid settles out of the battery’s electrolyte and builds up at the bottom of the cells.

Exceeds OEM Expectations

Our batteries meet or exceed Original Equipment Manufacturers’ performance and quality requirements

Start-Stop Micro-Cycling

Our EcoSmart MaxMix batteries support the micro-cycling and partial State of Charge use typical of long urban commutes and in start-stop and anti-idle vehicles

Vibration Resistant

Element bonding resists positive plate growth and reduces vibration related failures

Extreme Temperatures

360° acid mixing eliminates thermal gradients and improves life at extreme temperatures

Inventory Matrix

Our unique inventory matrix eliminates 75% of the traditional SKU requirements reducing inventory spend and storage requirements, increasing inventory turnover and simplifying logistics.

Carbon Boost

Carbon additives maintain Dynamic Charge Acceptance at a level 3.5x greater than conventional or EFB batteries, reducing alternator wear and tear

Enhanced Alloys

Silver Calcium High Capacity grids with enhanced additives resist corrosion and maximize SHD high cycle and starting performance

Every EcoSmart MaxMix battery delivers uniform acid density, higher sustained performance and longer life at a lower total cost of ownership when compared with conventional EFB batteries.

Batteries 101 – Acid Stratification (“AS”)

    1. AS causes the useful active material in the battery to be reduced by 40% within six to eight months of normal use creating “dead” lead or inactive active material. During the same period, AS causes a battery’s charge acceptance to decline by 50% to 70% increasing alternator wear and tear and decreasing fuel efficiency.
    2. When heavier or hotter acid stratifies or sinks to the bottom of the battery’s cells, the upper portion of the cells is subject to low specific gravity and the cells are no longer capable of proper discharge activity.
    3. Low specific gravity reduces active material activation and the plates experience accelerated corrosion which dramatically lowers a battery’s cranking power (CCA) and capacity measured in amp hours over reserve capacity (AH/RC).
    4. The heavier, stratified acid at the bottom of a battery’s cell creates higher specific gravity in that area which prevents proper charge activity at the bottom portion of the plates. This, in turn, promotes increased internal resistance, lower conductivity and accelerated sulfation on the lower part of the plates.
    5. A sulfated battery will eventually only accept a surface charge, resulting in a false positive state of charge, meaning a battery that appears fully charged but that provides low CCA and AH/RC.
    6. This false state of charge reading confuses modern vehicle charging systems into thinking the battery is more charged than it is which leads to the battery being always in an undercharged condition.
    7. AS magnifies the development of hot spots or thermal gradients within a battery that accelerate plate corrosion, battery dry-out, premature capacity loss, and reduced life, particularly in extreme climates.
    8. AS is the leading cause of all unequal activity across a battery’s plates which prematurely reduces a battery’s CCA’s, its available reserve capacity and its useful life.
    9. Stratified acid causes the largest portion of battery warranty claims and related costs and increases alternator wear and tear and fuel expenses.

EcoVolt’s award-winning EcoSmart MaxMix acid mixing technology eliminates AS and more than doubles the life of any flooded lead-acid battery chemistry by eliminating acid build-up.

Plates after 210 cycles – no mixing

Plates after 378 cycles with mixing technology

The conventional battery, shown left, reveals profound deterioration and decomposition of the pasted lead and lead plates, whereas the EcoVolt EcoSmart MaxMix battery, shown right, shows no such degradation.  This kind of product integrity is a result of the circulation technology and corresponds with better performance and substantially longer life.

Batteries 101 – Extreme Temperatures



  1. High operating temperatures significantly affect your battery’s performance and life.
  2. For every 10° increase in temperature above 77°F / 25°C the chemical reaction inside your battery will approximately double cutting battery life in half.
  3. Under extreme climatic conditions, batteries regularly reach a service life of just 6 to 10 months.
  4. EcoSmart MaxMix batteries utilize patented 360°acid circulation to virtually eliminate the high-temperature acid concentrations that accelerate internal plate corrosion, battery dry out, premature capacity loss and battery failure.
  5. This achieves up to 4x the standard life of conventional batteries without 360° acid mixing.


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