Less CO2 Emissions
Protects the Environment and Resources.

An effective electrolyte mixing causes permanently optimal electrochemistry.

Advantage: Double-cycle life and twice the product life compared to batteries of the same type without electrolyte mixing, as well as significantly more efficiency of the raw materials and materials used.

Longer life means lower CO2 emissions and less recycled (recycled) raw materials such as lead and plastic.

There are also benefits from CO2 savings through the use of fuel-saving start-stop engines in modern automobiles.

High potential for CO2 savings

Each year around 15 million tons of CO2 could be saved if vehicle batteries with electrolyte mixing were the standard worldwide =

25 supertankers of gasoline

A reduction of two million tons of lead in the air.

Our technology won
the prestigious
GreenTec Awards 2017

For its contribution to sustainability and environmental protection, our technology was awarded the Gold Seal as a winner of the 2017 GreenTec Awards in the Mobility category. It is Europe’s most important environmental prize for technical innovation.


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