About EcoVolt Power Corporation

EcoVolt is a fast-growing marketing, sales, and distribution company for after-market, lead-acid, automotive starter batteries in North America. We offer to aftermarket service centers, a price competitive, innovative product matrix, on a consigned basis, which reduces the number and types of batteries required to service the domestic automotive fleet by over seventy-five percent (75%).

Ecovolt Ecosmart Car Battery

Our Opportunity Driver for After-Market Automotive Service Centers: Compact Product Matrix

  • Current North American domestic market for batteries includes 84 box types (47 box types and 141 SKUs are used to service most vehicles)
  • EcoVolt has developed a product matrix of 11 box types and 21 SKUs which services 99% of all vehicles on the road

This is a major change in the consumer battery landscape

  • Our innovative product matrix serves MORE cars with substantially LESS inventory
  • Better technology, less inventory, and competitive pricing makes for a compelling value proposition for auto care service centers
  • Franchise operators can capture all sales opportunities with a modest complement of batteries
  • higher revenue and higher profits for customers of EcoVolt

We Own and Operate Our Own Warehouse/Distribution and In-Store Placement/Replacement Operations

  • Our employees communicate with each retail location at least weekly determining battery types sold by the location and requiring replacement and at least weekly visit the location for battery inventory replacement
  • We also provide “hot shot” services if required
  • All battery inventory is provided on a consignment basis with 14-day terms for batteries sold
  • We do not use third party distributors or fulfillment services with no brand loyalty to our mission of quality services to our customers, only our own employees
  • This ensures quality control and maximum sales opportunities for our customers’ service center locations

Our Commitment 

EcoVolt is a committed team of individuals working together with our suppliers and downstream partners towards one goal: to make the world a better place through innovation and excellence.

We understand that our company’s success is based on our and our product’s performance. For this reason, we commit to our customers and our suppliers to provide value, honesty, passion, professionalism, teamwork, quality, and creativity to everything we do.

Our History

Founded in early 2010, EcoVolt understood that the decades-long proliferation of battery types in North America caused frustration at both the consumer and retailer level, was very expensive, and represented a poor use of working capital for service centers. After trial and error, we developed, tested, and commercialized our proprietary EcoSmart MaxMix inventory matrix of only 21 battery types meeting the needs of almost every vehicle in North America.


EcoVolt’s batteries are manufactured both in the USA and offshore to our exacting standards using licensed mixing technology enhancing battery life. All of these manufacturers are TS-16949 and ISO9001 certified ensuring quality and reliability across all the products EcoVolt offers.

Why EcoVolt?

Game-changing Technology

The EcoSmart MaxMix inventory matrix offers our retail service centers optimal customer battery replacement performance and increases sales and cash flow with batteries using an electrolyte mixing technology providing high power, longer life, excellent safety, lower operating costs and a reduction of carbon emissions.


EcoVolt Power Corp strives to provide the best service possible with every contact!
EcoVolt Power Corporation