Our MaxMix batteries last 2-3X longer than traditional ones.

For after-market retailers, our unique inventory matrix eliminates 75% of the traditional SKU requirements reducing inventory spend and storage/retail physical space requirements, increasing inventory turnover and simplifying logistics.

Longer Lasting Batteries

In traditional lead acid batteries, acid in the liquid electrolyte settles at the bottom which leads to excess corrosion, charge imbalance, false charge readings, weak voltage and battery failure.

With EcoSmart® MaxMix batteries, the motion of your vehicle causes the electrolyte to circulate and continuously mix – preventing acid stratification.


The homogeneous electrolyte is a prerequisite for a permanently powerful car battery.

acid coating

The acid coating is the main cause of high loss battery capacity (Ah) and the premature wear of wet batteries and related parts.


Continuous electrolyte mixing, from our patented passive mixing cell inserts, ensures a homogeneous electrolyte and optimal electrochemistry.

cycle strength

Electrolyte mixing more than doubles the cycle strength of batteries.


For the benefit of trucks, vans, and automobiles – including Start-Stop vehicles..

Product Matrix

Our EcoSmart® MaxMix DIN sized batteries comprise only 21 different battery types which replace the approximate 85 different BCI sized typical in North America.

Each of our batteries meets or exceeds the CCA requirements of the BCI type battery it replaces.

Our customers slash their inventory requirements and increase turnover and market share.

Minimize your inventory and maximize your inventory mix.


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