Economic Impact

Reduced Costs to Fleet Operators and Consumers

Our EcoSmart MaxMix battery reduces our customers’ direct and avoided costs. Reducing the frequency of battery replacement decreases the downtime of the vehicle and reduces operating costs.

Maintaining capacity measured in amp hours over reserve capacity (AH/RC) extends the life of related component parts such as the alternator.

Below is a real-world cost analysis by one of our truck fleet customers:

Below is a real-world cost analysis by one of our truck fleet customers:




Battery cost to commercial application


Savings – 90% of second battery


Mechanic cost to service battery – 1 hour


Reduction of service vehicle “on the road”


Reduction of wear to starter motors and alternators due to reduced power output from reduced strength batteries (current battery technology)


Total Savings


Two – Year ROI ($)


Two Year ROI (%)


Reduced Costs to Retailers

Current domestic market for batteries includes 84 box types and 252 SKUs (Most retailers work with 47 boxes and 141 SKUs to service most vehicles)

Battery inventory consumes substantial space and working capital

EcoVolt has developed a product matrix of 11 box types and 21 SKUs

Innovative product matrix serves MORE cars with substantially LESS inventory

Our combination of better technology and efficient use of capital is compelling to our retail customers


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