Conserving Resources and Protecting the Environment

Thanks to their automatic and highly effective electrolyte mixing feature, EcoSmart batteries from EcoVolt Power Corporation not only conserve valuable resources, but also protect the environment. Effective electrolyte mixing makes EcoSmart batteries more efficient and prevents acid stratification, which is the biggest performance killer in today’s car batteries.

This automatic electrolyte mixing feature (passive mixing elements) produces a high degree of diffusion that permanently enhances the battery’s electrochemistry, which in turn ensures that the lead is used more efficiently. This puts an end to the gradual loss of battery capacity caused by acid stratification. Batteries with effective electrolyte mixing are more reliable, exhibit minimal corrosion and require less lead.

Compared to conventional car batteries with similar performance, the average weight advantage of batteries with this effective electrolyte mixing feature is about 19 percent – corresponding to several kilograms less battery weight (lead).

The combination of less raw materials (lead) needed and reduced vehicle weight from a lighter battery produces fewer CO2 emissions. This means tremendous carbon savings based on the life cycle of the product and the mileage driven.

The extended battery life reduces the recycling of spent batteries reducing energy consumption in the recycling of the battery, the manufacture of new batteries and the transportation costs of both old and new batteries.

This New Technology’s Potential

About 1 million tons of lead could be saved every year if effective electrolyte mixing was the universal standard for all motor vehicle batteries in use throughout the world (some 900 million automobiles). This technology would also save some 15 million tons of CO2 emissions yearly. Expressed in terms of fuel, this amount would correspond to 25 supertankers of gasoline each year.