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EcoVolt Power Announces First Commercial Shipment of its Advanced EcoSmart Lead-Acid Batteries

North American roll out with Distribution Partner Energy Battery Group Inc.

New York, NY (July 18, 2013) – EcoVolt Power Corporation, a leading developer of advanced lead acid batteries, is pleased to announce that it has begun making commercial deliveries of its extended-life

EcoSmart SLI batteries (Starting, Lighting & Ignition) to distribution partner Energy Battery Group, Inc. (EBG), headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Initial shipments to the EBG distribution network are comprised of battery types 65 and 31, two of the higher volume, lead acid batteries in use by North American passenger vehicles and commercial trucking applications. This is the first step toward offering a more complete compliment of battery sizes by year end.

  • EcoSmart batteries utilize a patented, award winning bridge-and-pier internal technology to continuously circulate the electrolyte around the lead plates in each battery cell, reducing acid stratification and plate degradation. EcoSmart batteries offer customers:
  • In excess of twice the life of comparable lead acid starter batteries for the same purchase price
  • Standard three-year warranty and availability of up to five-year warranty on performance
  • The highest cold cranking amps in every category, providing the greatest starting power

“We are delighted to announce that EcoSmart batteries will soon be available to consumers across the United States & Canada. We are honored to be working with Energy Battery Group to bring the first major advancement in lead acid technology in the last 25 years to the marketplace. The fact that EBG has become our first customer is a wonderful endorsement of our technology as they are a highly sophisticated corporation with people on the front line of battery sales to all customer classes in North America” said Mark Leininger, Chairman and CEO of EcoVolt Power. “Our solutions benefit not only the traditional automotive and commercial trucking segments but also the developing hybrid as well as “Start-Stop” engine systems market. Our relationship with EBG will ensure that every channel, from the professional to the weekend enthusiast, will know about our unique offerings”.

Rick Hallock, President and CEO, of Energy Battery Group, said “Our team has closely followed the progress made at EcoVolt over the last few years in developing and proving its technology and are duly impressed by the final product. While a great deal of attention has been focused on rare earth battery technology, lead acid batteries will continue to dominate sales of starter batteries for many years to come”, further noting that in 2013 “automotive battery sales in the North America alone are expected to surpass 110 million units.” Energy Battery Group, a member of the Battery Council International, is the largest, privately held complete battery distribution network in the United States, consisting of over 200 battery wholesalers, distributors, specialists and retailers doing business across all 50 states, Canada and the Caribbean. “Our distribution centers are among the largest in volume when it comes to the distribution of automotive, commercial, marine, industrial, standby, powersport and motive power batteries in North America” added Mr. Hallock.

About EcoVolt Power Corporation

EcoVolt Power Corporation manufactures and distributes advanced, proprietary lead acid battery solutions. It offers SLI batteries for the automotive and commercial transportation market segments and is completing advanced products geared towards the golf cart, marine and regenerative energy storage markets. EcoVolt products are sold under the EcoSmart brand, as well as under private label, to battery wholesale and distributor networks as well as directly to mass merchandisers, auto parts outlets and fleet operators.

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